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ALB #69


ALB #69 May/Jun 2010

On sale April 7, 2010

By now you will have noticed the cover, and I’m sure will be impressed by the skill of the surfer. Christian Wach has been an annual visitor to Noosa Heads for some years, and his noseriding talents seem to have no limitations. Being “Australian” Longboarding Magazine, we always try our hardest to feature local surfers on the cover, but a move like this just forces its way into prominence.
The photographer – Coolum Beach’s Dane Peterson – is also one of the world’s best noseriders, and we at ALB are stoked that he continues to share with us his very best images. Dane supplied us with quite a few different takes on Christian’s handstands, and our Contents page presents another angle.
The ALB Boardguide this issue contains 35 longboards of greatly varying shapes and sizes. For the first time this Guide integrates with the ALB Online Boardtest. So, after viewing the boards in this issue, readers can then go on the Net and see that board in action, plus be given a short description from World Champion Harley Ingleby and ALB editor Bruce Channon – the world of multi-media giving added value to both our advertisers, and their customers.
Profiled in this issue we have two interesting, young surfers – Torquay’s Sasha Leitmanis and Scotts Head’s Jack Lynch. Jack just took out the Under 18s Boys title at the Noosa Festival of Surfing last weekend, so his contest technique is obviously as tuned in as his broader views on surfing.
Lightbox presents what the longboarders got up to in Hawaii this winter season. Slotting nine-footers into the maelstroms of that surf zone is no walk-in-the-park.
Our SUP contribution this issue puts the case for us to all get along in the surf. Stuart Murray has been a surf coach of all board-riding disciplines, and pleads with his fellow SUP surfers to not take too much advantage of their increased paddle power.
Lifestyle’s Travel section takes us around the South Oz coastline, while our Wraps writers chronicle what’s been going on in the various corners of the nation.



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